Emotional Wisdom


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Are you suffering
Do you want to forgive?
Are you feeling emotional distress?
What thoughts did I have to trigger a negative emotion?

Welcome to Emotional Wisdom

I’m a Master Certified Emotional Healing Coach offering ALTERNATIVE & INTEGRATIVE guidance to your many layers of emotions, helping you identify, redefine & integrate the aspects (fragments) within your emotional body/felt perception that remained distorted, fragmented, and traumatized since childhood. I coach you to understand the nature of emotions in your body and rehabilitate the relationship dynamic between you and your feelings.

I aim to bring forth emotional awareness, breaking down and highlighting the VALUE in every emotion. Emotions have an invaluable function in our human ecosystem that most are unaware of. Emotions are energy in emotion inside us, it’s nature’s way of communicating our thought patterns, core beliefs, and traumas imprinted onto our nervous system, and we don’t even know it!

I now invite you to ask yourself the following questions for emotional awareness;

  • How do I feel?
  • What kind of relationship do I have with my emotions?
  • What have I made them mean to me?
  • Do I feel safe with my emotions?
  • What random uncomfortable body sensations do I most frequently feel?
  • What does my mind believe versus how my body responds to things?
  • Am I always conflicted, feeling confused?
  • What experience or outcome do I notice repeating?
  • Do I suffer from nightmares?
  • Do I know my purpose in life?
  • Have I achieved my goals?
  • What continues to keep me from attaining my goals?

I strongly encourage you to FEEL your answers and listen with all your senses. They always reveal the truth because emotions do NOT LIE. They exhibit the EXACT reflection of your internal belief system and childhood wounds. NEWS FLASH, Your feelings are the ones telling the truth, NOT your mind. Your mind is designed to cope with its environment, self-preserve, and survive a perceived threat.

My greatest achievement was to uncover through my journey with my deep, dark depression- that our emotions and feelings are NOT OUR ENEMIES but rather our inner compass guiding us to our TRUTH! You, too, have free will and the freedom of choice to perceive differently and RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

If you’re suffering from emotional distress, hindering you from living- WAIT NO MORE; contact me for a FREE 30-minute session to confirm if we're a fit to achieve authentic internal success and RELIEF!