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"Let me start by saying that Josie is my 3rd therapist! Once I met her I knew I had found my one! Just in our initial phone call, the consultation, I had received more breakthroughs then I had in the last two years I had worked with the other therapists. Josie is the real deal!!! If you are at all interested in changing your life for the better, Josie is it!!! Just book the initial call and see for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed. I am so grateful for Josie and the way she's changed my life. Do yourself a favor!"

-November 7, 2021 | Jade C. (via YELP Review)

"It's been 6 months now and I have to say...my experience working with Josie has been life changing. When I began to ask myself why I kept having repeated failed relationships, I knew I needed help. WIth Josie's guidance, I was able to locate my childhood trauma I never knew existed. She sends you on a journey to self-discovery by taking you all the way back to an earlier time. Digging up the ugly past is never a pleasant experience but it is necessary if your goal is to heal and eventually lead a healthy life. I look forward to sessions with her because she always illuminates parts of me that I could not see myself. She is a blessing to my life."

-August 25, 2021 | Pamela O. (via YELP Review)

"Josie is a breath of fresh air! She helped me identify childhood trauma that was affecting me as a functioning adult. Her holistic approach, intuitive insight, empathy, and compassion while identifying areas of opportunity, makes her an Emotional Wisdom Wizard! I'm so grateful to have healed that little girl in me. I don't know what I would do had I not had a session with her. She is worth it!"

-August 9, 2021 | Tamara S. (via YELP Review)

"I found Josie on a whim when I decided I need to care for my mental health after dealing with a lot of anxiety from different situations. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for but with in the first 5 minutes of speaking with her, I knew she was exactly what I needed. I am on my 2nd round of root camp with Josie. I look forward to all of our sessions because I know she will show me something new and valuable to take away from it. She has given me the safest place I have ever know to share everything I have been through and gives you her full attention while softly provoking your thoughts by asking questions that help expand your perspective. Josie has truly helped me grow and understand myself in a way that I never thought I would. I recommend her to any one who is ready to heal from with in while discovering your authenticity that will lead you to much more fulfillment."

-July 3, 2021 | Ms. Angie C. (via YELP Review)

"I am very grateful that I found Josie at emotional wisdom. She is highly intuitive and insightful. She has gently walked me through my past traumas, stopping me along the journey to point out the places in which I needed to heal. I have grown so much in my understanding of not only myself but others. I feel I was guided to her because investing in myself was the last thing on my mind, but ended up being the single best decision I've made. I'm grateful to have found her and am writing this review in hopes that I can encourage others to take on the journey of self discovery and true self love. I read a quote from Maya Angelou that really hit home for me " The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself." I won't tell you it's a easy road it's not. What I will say is your worth it. We all deserve to be loved and at peace."

-July 1, 2021 | Tiffany L. (via YELP Review)

"So this was my first experience with counseling of any kind, and wow was I pleasantly surprised. Josie was super nice, and had such a warm aura about her, made my gf and I feel really comfortable. With just the free visit, I am very hopeful and positive with where this is headed. Highly would recommend Josie to everyone trying to discover a better sense of themselves."

-March 18, 2021 | Joshua E. (via YELP Review)

"5 gajillion bajillion infinajillion stars. Josie is EXCELLENT, knows what she's doing. She tells you specifically what will happen throughout the sessions and how your perspective of everything will change. I had finally accepted that I needed expert help for a bunch of traumas, but wasn't sure how to find the right therapist/coach. I reached out to a few before coming across her site and the description was exactly what I needed; dealing specifically with childhood traumas and self-awareness. With our introduction session I was immediately comfortable and she came across as fun, so I was ready. A few sessions in and I was blown. away. by all the things I didn't know had been internalized; I've learned to integrate and now feel much more like who I really am. I recommend Josie to anyone!!!"

-July 12, 2020 | Audrey S. (via YELP Review)

"Josie is amazing! She has helped me so much so far, and I am looking forward to continue healing. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help repairing wounds, not just putting a bandaid over them."

-May 9, 2020 | Jennifer S. (via YELP Review)

"Prior to receiving help from Josie, I was looking for a counselor but did not find one that I felt comfortable with and trusted. I am beyond grateful that I am now receiving the emotional guidance that I needed, with the help of Josie. She has helped me to get to the root of things and see how my past has still been affecting me. I am learning great tools and releasing unnecessary baggage. Thank you Josie"

-May 6, 2020 | Kalea R. (via YELP Review)

"Loved this video! And it’s so true what you said about how the new thought must be believable by you or else it will backfire 🙌🏾 Dr. Caroline Leaf speaks on that quite a lot and how as Christians you’re taught to say scriptures to shift/ fight off negativity, but if you don’t believe it yourself you’re actually doing more harm to your brain."

-November 6, 2019 | Kalea R.

"Awesome!...I really love your videos, they are very well thought out and are eye openers! Thank you!"

-November 3, 2019 | Rosa A.

"For someone who had always been skeptical about opening up about emotions, I can truly say that Josie has completely changed my views on life and how to start healing myself emotionally. She engages with you on an emotional journey within yourself and will have you understanding your issues and loving yourself more by the end of the session. One of my greatest accomplishment in working with Josie has been the sense of relief and love for myself. She is always professional yet make you feel comfortable through it all. Our sessions have always had great results and she always the type to follow up with personal take home exercises. Highly recommended!"

-July 25, 2019 | via YELP Review | Oro O.

"Finally the announcement! I am so unbelievably proud of you! But I am not surprised; not only are you an amazing person, you’re the easiest person to talk to!! Love you and CONGRATULATIONS!"

-2019 | Jen Ochoa

"Josie, thank you so much for your healing class on the heart chakra! I have an amazing story to share with you. After your class I was thinking about my cousin, Jared, who has cancer and in ICU, so bought 3 healing candles that open up the heart chakra. I saw him the next day in ICU, his eyes would open slowly and he would try to move his lips when I told him "I love you". I gave the candles to his sister, mom, and girlfriend. I told them to write his name on the candle and when they light it, with their prayer they will send positive energy of love and healing into his heart chakra. Girl, two days later I woke up and something told me that my cousin was going to be better, and they were!! That day he had tears in his eyes after a moment of love and hugs. When he was asked to squeeze his eyes shut, he did! And several times he said "Hi" clearly. His head was able to move side to side, and his eye movement improved! He is healing! It's amazing and I want to send you and Dragonfairy my deepest gratitude. You have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you for your inspiration! Love and Light, Tamara Suguitan"

-July 15, 2013 | The Wheel of Co-Creation | Tamara Suguitan

"It's a good day !! Lots of good things happening today. Wonder if it has anything to do with meditation class yesterday :)) I'm feeling so good! And my flower is blossoming, thanks for being the caring being that you are!"

-June 28, 2013 | Karla Coronado

"Since class I have been pondering something. Most of us there have been through a lot. The saying "death by a thousand cuts" pops in my head. With that I feel it's more if a thousand opportunities to endure and grow. A thousand moments to thrive. If you survive a thousand cuts, your not a victim but a Phoenix. Born from the ashes stronger and wiser. You developed scars. Not as a bad thing but as armor for your soul. Not bitter but wiser to what is truly good and loving for us, and able to brush of bad easily."

-April 26, 2013 | The Wheel of Co-Creation | Michael Blohm

"Josie- you are an amazing woman! Thank you for your positive perspective. You continue to inspire me!"

-Ross Lndsy

"You always amaze me. You are truly inspirational. Love you Josie. "

-Terresa Sauseda Borrego


-Daisy Leon

"What an inspiration you are Josie! Thank you for sharing your story with us! :) Love you!"

-Sandy Rabanal

"You are amazing Josie Ochoa Meza"

-Paola Fierro

"You are strong and beautiful and so amazing ......love you don't change."

-Maria Bounmy Vang

"I'm suppose to be helping Arabella with her homework and I'm like in Aww with this..."

-Daisy Leon

"=') Lo lei todo. Escribe un libro.. what do you call this one? Lol asi cuando me preguntes q libros as leido puedo decir q este jajaja.. and yes thank you for everything you're doing overthere.. Seems hard, aparte de todo el peligro eres valiente y te enfocas en lo positivo.. es dificil estar lejos de la familia papa, hermanos etc.. y mas dificil aun es mantener tu actitud!! I'll keep reading every week. Tag me if u can =) take care! Big hug!"

-Edna Morales Ibarra

"Josie.....so happy and proud for you....you have gotten to the core of what life should be about. Miss you! Keep up the good work...there is much more to do!"

-Sharon Chandler

"Very needed in this moment, at this time for my next journey in this season that will require a Love, Sacrificial Love & unwavering Faith as Paul had in the Bible , as you Josie my dear friend have walked in & this is what will Heal the Nation 😍"

-Shamari Lathan

"Omg!!!! U are amazing...... Jaripo is blessed with your presence ..... Love u and miss u lots Josie Ochoa Meza in love with every single word❤️"

-Paola Fierro

"Josie Ochoa Meza MUUUUUUUUUCH RESPECT ..... I admire you."

-Edgar Garcia

"Wow Josie ! You are amazing. I can't believe I didn't see this sooner. I have so many emotions right now. I was right to tell you before you left "I don't feel like you're going away I feel as if you're going home" and you did, you found yourself. I love you cousin and admire your strength, passion and inspiring words and actions. Not only have you made a difference in the people of Jaripo , but also all of the people back home that have read this and have seen the posts of all of the wonderful things you have accomplished. "

-Carina Nava